About Me

Originally from France, I was born near Paris and moved to Luxembourg a few years later where I grew up. After spending four years in London for my undergraduate degree at Imperial College, I then migrated north to beautiful Scotland to pursue a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. I recently moved back to mainland Europe for a postdoctoral fellowship in the vibrant Center for Space and Habitability in Bern, where I get to discover the wonders of Switzerland (and eat cheese and chocolate).

I love travelling and discovering new places around the world (the perks of academia!). My hobbies include hiking, skiing and sailing, as I enjoy spending my free time outdoors. I'm also a big tennis fan, and have been a keen player for many years.

Clémence Fontanive

Get in touch:

+41 31 631 33 13
Center for Space and Habitability
University of Bern
Gesellschaftsstrasse 6
Bern 3012, Switzerland
Clémence Fontanive