Curriculum Vitae

Science Interests

Detection and characterisation of extra-solar planets and brown dwarfs
Formation, properties, and atmospheres of planetary-mass objects
Statistics and demographics of stellar and substellar populations
High-resolution imaging and astrometry with ground- and space-based observations


Jun 2019
PhD in Astronomy. Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, UK
PhD Thesis supervised by Prof. B. Biller
Brown Dwarfs and Giant Exoplanets: Bridging Observations and Theory with Statistical Methods
Jul 2015
MSci in Physics (4-yr undergraduate degree). Department of Physics, Imperial College London, UK
Masters Thesis supervised by Dr. I. Mueller-Wodarg
Refining General Circulation Models of Titan’s Upper Atmosphere with Cassini Data

Research Experience

from Sep 2022
iREx Trottier Fellow. Institute for Research on Exoplanets, Université de Montréal, Canada
CSH Fellow. Center for Space and Habitability, University of Bern, Switzerland
PhD Student. Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, UK
Masters Student. Department of Physics, Imperial College London, UK
Summer 2013
Research Intern. Institut d’Astronomie et d’Astrophysique, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant. Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, UK
Leading tutorials, workshops and lab sessions for undergraduate physics and astronomy course

Awarded Telescope Time

3 Programs as PI: 61 orbits — GO 14686 (WFC3), GO 15201 (WFC3), GO 16229 (WFC3)
PI programs worth over $400 000 USD funds from Space Telescope Science Institute
1 Program as co-I: 132 orbits (WFC3)
2 Programs as co-I: 48.2 hours (NIRSpec, NIRCam)
1 Program as PI: 4 hours — GN-2017B-Q-40 (NIRI)
1 Program as co-I: 4.4 hours (GNIRS)
1 Program as PI: 4.5 hours — 099.C-0728 (NACO)
6 Programs as co-I: 146 hours (SPHERE, GRAVITY, SOFI)
5 nights of visitor mode SPHERE observations for the SPHERE Consortium

Grants and Awards

Sep 2022
Trottier Fellowship. Prize research fellowship, iREx, Université de Montréal
Jan 2020
Winton Astronomy Thesis Prize 2019. Award from Winton Capital Management
Sep 2019
CSH Fellowship. Prize research fellowship, CSH, University of Bern
Apr 2019
Principal’s Go Abroad Fund. Prize research fellowship, CSH, University of Bern
May 2018
SUPA Short-Term Visit Scheme. £2500 funding for a 5-week visit to NASA Goddard
Oct 2017
Physics and Astronomy Poster Competition. First prize winner, University of Edinburgh
Jul 2017
Other Worlds Laboratory Travel Grant. $2500 USD for 1-month visit to UCSC

Professional Service

CSH Fellowships Search Committee. Center for Space and Habitability, Switzerland
External Reviewer for HST Time Allocation Committee. Space Telescope Science Institute, USA
Software Developer of the SIMPLE Database for brown dwarfs and directly-imaged planets
Review Editor for Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences. Exoplanet Section
Member of NCCR PlanetS. Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research
CSH Management Committee Member. Center for Space and Habitability, Switzerland
Referee for the AAS Journals: The Astronomical Journal, The Astrophysical Journal Letters
Member of the SPHERE Consortium. Science Team for the large SHINE observing program

Outreach and EDI Activities

Scientific Consultant on Media Articles. Inside Science, Futura Sciences, Espiloon, Pour la Science
June 2022
Writer of Press Release Article. University of Bern & NCCR PlanetS, Switzerland
May 2022
Volunteer and Speaker at Fantasy Basel. Switzerland
Sep 2021
Women in NCCR Video Campaign promoting female researchers. NCCR PlanetS, Switzerland
Jun 2021
First Author of Petition for Codes of Conduct in Astronomy Collaborations [Link]
Apr 2021
Radio Interview. Radio Télévision Suisse (CQFD), Switzerland
Member of IDEEA. Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in European Astronomy
Feb 2021
Public Lecture for the IAU Women in Astronomy Day. HEPAC, Marrakech, Morocco
Feb 2021
Radio Interview. France Culture (La Méthode Scientifique), France
Jan 2021
Radio Interview. Radio Télévision Suisse (CQFD), Switzerland
Dec 2020
Writer of Press Release Article. University of Bern & NCCR PlanetS, Switzerland
Event Speaker and Organiser for Astronomy on Tap. Edinburgh & Switzerland
Public Lectures for Astronomy Winter Talks. Royal Observatory Visitor Centre, Edinburgh, UK
Volunteer and Speaker at the Annual ROE Open Days. Royal Observatory of Edinburgh, UK

Seminars and Conference Talks

May 2022
Invited Seminar. ESO Hypatia Colloquium 2022, European Southern Observatory (online)
Apr 2022
Contributed Talk. NCCR PlanetS JUnior Researchers’ Assembly (JURA) III, Switzerland
Feb 2022
Invited Seminar. Exoplanet Seminar Series, Geneva Observatory, Switzerland (online)
Nov 2021
Invited Talk. ESA Jamboree, European Space Agency (online)
Nov 2021
Invited Seminar. Astronomy Seminar Series, University of Hawaii, USA (online)
Oct 2021
Invited Talk. Star-Planet Connection Workshop, European Southern Observatory, Chile (online)
Mar 2021
Invited Seminar. ESPF Seminar Series, Space Telescope Science Institute, USA (online)
Mar 2021
Invited Seminar. Exoplanets & Habitability Seminars, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (online)
Feb 2021
Invited Seminar. Astronomy Colloquium, University of Michigan, USA (online)
Jan 2021
Contributed Talk. Exoplanets Orbits & Dynamics Workshop, University of Lège, Belgium (online)
Dec 2020
Invited Seminar. CENTRA Seminar Series, University of Lisbon, Portugal (online)
Nov 2020
Invited Seminar. Leicester Astrophysics Seminars, University of Leicester, UK (online)
Aug 2020
Invited Seminar. Exeter Astrophysics Seminars, University of Exeter, UK (online)
Oct 2019
Invited Seminar. CSH Seminar, Center for Space and Habitability, Bern, Switzerland
Aug 2019
Contributed Talk. Extreme Solar Systems IV Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland
Jan 2019
Invited Talk. CSH Symposium, University of Bern, Switzerland
Oct 2018
Invited Seminar. ROE Colloquium, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh, UK
Oct 2018
Contributed Talk. SPHERE General Science meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 2018
Invited Seminar. Extrasolar Planets Seminar, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA
May 2018
Contributed Talk. Chesapeake Bay Area Exoplanet Meeting, Carnegie DTM, USA
Feb 2018
Invited Seminar. Astronomy Seminars, Stockholm University, Sweden
Nov 2017
Contributed Talk. 11th GAPS Progress Meeting, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
Nov 2017
Invited Seminar. INAF Seminar, Osservatorio di Padova, Italy