Publication Record

Published Refereed Journal Papers: 6 first-author, 5 second-author, 18 others (+1 submitted)
627 Citations in total, 111 to first-author publications, h-index: 13
50 Abstracts on SAO / NASA Astrophysical Data System (ADS)

First-Author Papers

Fontanive C. & Bardalez Gagliuffi D. FrASS, 8, 16. Mar 2021
The Census of Exoplanets in Visual Binaries: population trends from a volume-limited Gaia DR2 and literature search.
Fontanive C., Bedin L. & Bardalez Gagliuffi D. MNRAS, 501, 911. Feb 2021
The Y dwarf population with HST: unlocking the secrets of our coolest neighbors – I. Overview and first results.
Fontanive C., Allers K., Pantoja B., Biller B., Dubber S. et al. ApJL, 905, 14. Dec 2020
A wide planetary-mass companion to a young low-mass brown dwarf in Ophiuchus.
Fontanive C., Muzic K., Bonavita M. & Biller B. MNRAS, 490, 1120. Nov 2019
A New Method for Target Selection in Direct Imaging Programs with COPAINS.
Fontanive C., Rice K., Bonavita M., Lopez E., Muzic K. et al. MNRAS, 485, 4967. Jun 2019
A high binary fraction for the most massive close-in giant planets and brown dwarf desert members.
Fontanive C., Biller B., Bonavita M. & Allers K. MNRAS, 479, 2702. Sep 2018
Constraining the multiplicity statistics of the coolest brown dwarfs: binary fraction continues to decrease with spectral type.

Main Contributions

Dubber S., Biller B., Bonavita M., Allers K., Fontanive C. et al. MNRAS, in press Jul 2022
An optimized survey strategy for the ERIS/NIX imager: searching for young giant exoplanets and very low mass brown dwarfs using the K-peak custom photometric filter.
Bonavita M., Fontanive C., Gratton R., Muzic K., Desidera S. et al. MNRAS, 513, 5588. Jul 2022
Results from the COPAINS Pilot Survey: four new brown dwarfs and a high companion detection rate for accelerating stars.
Cadman J., Hall C., Fontanive C. & Rice K. MNRAS, 511, 457. Mar 2022
Binary Companions triggering fragmentation in self-gravitating discs.
Dubber S., Biller B., Allers K., Jose J., Albert L., Pantoja B, Fontanive C. et al. MNRAS, 505, 4215. Aug 2021
A Novel Survey for Young Substellar Objects with the W-band filter III: Searching for very low-mass brown dwarfs in Serpens South and Serpens Core.
Vigan A., Fontanive C., Meyer M., Biller B., Bonavita M. et al. A&A, 651, 72. Jul 2021
The SPHERE infrared survey for exoplanets (SHINE) – III. The demographics of young giant exoplanets below 300 au with SPHERE.
Mesa D., Marino S., Bonavita M., Lazzoni C., Fontanive C. et al. MNRAS, 503, 1276. Feb 2021
Limits on the presence of planets in systems with debris disks: HD 92945 and HD 107146.
Hagelberg J., Engler N., Fontanive C., Daemgen S., Quanz S. et al. A&A, 643, 98. Nov 2020
VIBES: VIsual Binary Exoplanet survey with SPHERE Upper limits on wide S-planet and S-BD frequencies, triple system discovery, and astrometric confirmation of 20 stellar binaries.
Lazzoni C., Zurlo A., Desidera S., Mesa D., Fontanive C. et al. A&A, 641, 131. Sep 2020
The search for disks or planetary objects around directly imaged companions: a candidate around DH Tau B.
Bonavita M., Fontanive C., Desidera S., D’Orazi V., Zurlo A. et al. MNRAS, 494, 3481. May 2020
A new white dwarf companion around the Δμ star GJ 3346.
Bedin L. & Fontanive C. MNRAS, 494, 2068. Mar 2020
Extending Gaia DR2 with HST narrow-field astrometry – II. Refining the method on WISE J163940.83–684738.6.
Claudi R., Maire A.-L., Mesa D., Cheetham A., Fontanive C. et al. A&A, 622, A96. Feb 2019
SPHERE dynamical and spectroscopic characterization of HD 142527B.
Bedin L. & Fontanive C. MNRAS, 481, 5339. Sep 2018
Extending Gaia DR2 with HST narrow-field astrometry: the WISE J154151.65≠225024.9 test case.
Bonavita M., D’Orazi V., Mesa D., Fontanive C., Desidera S. et al. A&A, 608, 106. Jul 2017
Orbiting a binary: SPHERE characterisation of the HD 284149 system.

Other Papers

Calissendorff P., Janson M., Rodet L. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, in press. Aug 2022
Updated orbital monitoring and dynamical masses for nearby M-dwarf binaries.
Langlois M., Gratton R., Lagrange A.-M. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, 651, 71. Jul 2021
The SPHERE infrared survey for exoplanets (SHINE) – II. Observations, Data reduction and analysis, Detection performances and early-results.
Desidera S., Chauvin G., Bonavita M. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, 651, 70. Jul 2021
The SPHERE infrared survey for exoplanets (SHINE) – I. Sample definition and target characterization.
Bonavita M., Gratton R., Desidera S. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, in press. 2021
New binaries from the SHINE survey.
Gratton R., D’Orazi V., Pacheco T. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, 646, 61. Feb 2021
Investigating three Sirius-like systems with SPHERE.
Maire A.-L., Rodet L., Cantalloube F. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, 624, 118. Apr 2019
Hint of curvature in the orbital motion of the exoplanet 51 Eri b using 3 yr of VLT/SPHERE monitoring.
Lagrange A.-M., Boccaletti A., Langlois M. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, 621, 8. Jan 2019
β Pictoris b post conjunction detection with VLT/SPHERE.
Sissa E., Gratton R., Garufi A. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, 619, 160. Nov 2018
High-Contrast study of the candidate planets and protoplanetary disk around HD 100546.
Chauvin G., Gratton R., Bonnefoy M. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, 617, 76. Sep 2018
Investigating the young solar system analog HD 95086. A combined HARPS and SPHERE exploration.
Benisty M., Stolker T., Pohl A. & others including Fontanive C. A&A, 597, 42. Jan 2017
Shadows and spirals in the protoplanetary disk HD 100453.

Non-Refereed Publications

Boccaletti A., Chauvin G., Mouillet D. & others including Fontanive C. ESO White Paper. Feb 2020
SPHERE+: Imaging young Jupiters down to the snowline.

PhD Dissertation

Fontanive C. PhD thesis. Jun 2019
Brown Dwarfs and Giant Exoplanets: Bridging Observations and Theory with Statistical Methods.